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Confessions of the Hand is looking to take on another artist in the studio! 
Please send us a email with a link to a current portfolio please!

Come Celebrate our 10th Anniversary  with us Saturday July 6th at 7pm. Visit the 10th Anniversary tab for more information. 

    New At Our Studio

Confessions of the Hand t-shirts are now on sale for $20! Please send us a email interested or stop by our studio. Available in Black and White

Paint Nites- We will be hosting paint nites at our new studio! Different theme each month led by our Artist's. No experience necessary. Visit our events page to see the upcoming paintings we will be recreating. 

I am passionate about all mediums of art. Art is a way to express yourself no matter which way you choose. Many of you may not be familiar with it, but I am very passionate about my poetry. I will be working on many new pieces in the near future. I will post some of my new work and some favorites on this page. Hope you enjoy. 


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Tattoo and Art Gallery.


Tattoos aren't the only way to have an original piece of art.  We also have paintings and photographs available. See a painting you like, please send us an email. Originals and Prints available for all Paintings and Photography, We are also available to do commissions. 

I have been a Professional Tattoo Artist for more than 10 years. I take what I do VERY serious. I understand that tattoos are a permanent treasure, Tattooing is a sacred art form, a living canvas and I make sure to treat them that way. I am a award winning tattoo artist nationally and internationally accredited. 





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