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 If a picture is worth a thousand words,   then let me share my art with you.

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LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let my HANDs tell your story...

If you want to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.


Art is EVERYWHERE you just have to stop and look. The imagination station is where I will be posting some of my more abstract and unique photographs and images. Hope you enjoy. 


Tattoos aren't the only way to have an original piece of  art. If you would like a custom painting or see a painting you would like to purchase please message me. Originals and prints available. I also do commissions..


I am also VERY passionate about my photography as well. I have prints available of all of my photographs and will soon be releasing sets of prints. If there is something you see that you like please message me. Orders do take a week or so to process, shipping is available. 


2013 was a great year for confessions tattoo. We have expanded our tattoo studio and have added a art gallery. still the same location.. paintings and photography on display and for purchase. stop by and see whats new. 

I have been a professional Tattoo Artist for more than 8 years. I love capturing special emotions and capturing them in my art and create a special memory.

Fine Art







6/13-15  ​NIX toronto, canada

6/6-7/6 Midwest Tattoo Tour​

9/19-21 Steel City Pittsburg,PA