If you have any questions or would like more information about the event please contact us using the below.  

The Senses

Art Exhibition

Saturday December 21st starting at 7pm

J.P., Albie, Madeline, Sam, Lisa and Jennifer will each be creating 6 original pieces of art. Their art will interpret our sense of smell,sight, taste,touch, sound and intuition. The Senses Art Exhibition will open to the public Saturday December 21st at 7pm. Come join us and bring a friend! Going to be a lot of fun. 

J.P. Decker is  proud to announce our first art exhibition at our new location! Featuring all 7 of the artists at our studio. Each artist creating 6 never before seen pieces of art. This is J.P's 3rd gallery show since opening Confessions of the Hand Fine Art & Tattoo Gallery in 2009. He is very excited to announce this event. This will be the first of many events, showcasing different mediums of art. 

confessions of the hand