confessions of the hand

            $13 Piercing + $7 tip

​(eyebrow, Labret, single lobe, helix, tragus, nose or monroe)

          $26 +$7 tip

(navel, Tongue and Conch)

Friday 13th

Open at 9am!

In the past it has been walk ins only for Friday the 13th. Under current circumstances we are taking appointments for Friday the 13th!

Here is how to schedule your appointment for tattoos or body piercings.

Appointments will open up Tuesday November 10th at 10am. Appointments can be made online, by stopping in or over the phone (407)690-0680. 

Limited 2 tattoos per person. 

Payment for the tattoo/piercing is due as a deposit to schedule the appointment. 

The deposit for the tattoo/piercing is nonrefundable but goes towards your tattoo or piercing.

There unfortunately is no rescheduling appointments. Deposits will be forfeited if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. 

If scheduling your appointment online please use the contact form on the bottom of the page to specify which tattoo/body piercing you would like to have done using the number next to the tattoo/piercing, as well as your phone number for the appointment.

To send payment through our website please use the links on this page, tips are included in the price for the tattoos. Prices are specified on the top or bottom of the flash sheets. 

Please use the form below when booking an appointment. Please include the number of the tattoo/tattoos you would like or please specify the type of body piercing. Please include the best phone number for your appointment and your name. Thank you. Let us know if you have any questions. 

      #72- #127

$13 Tattoo + $13 tip

     #88- #157

$31 Tattoo + $13 tip

$31 Piercing + $9 tip

      (Flat, Medusa)

     # 37- #71

​$31 tattoo + $9 tip

       #1- #36

$13 Tattoo + $7 tip