confessions of the hand

                            ​T- Shirts  

Available in Black and White, V-neck or Crew Neck

​Please use the form at the bottom of the page to send us what size, color and style you would like, will be available for pick up or for shipping for an additional $5

​                         $20 each

  Color change cups

​10 Colors to chose from!

1 for $5                or                  3 for $10

2 Seats for $60

Please use this form for inquires or to specify products


                 Paint Nite

Led By J.P Friday July 19th at 7pm

                       $35 Per seat

Photo Prints

            Please use form below to specify what print or

                           inquire about styles available

            ​One for $20                      or                           Two for $30                       

Paint Nights are Every 3rd Friday at 7pm!